Key Infomation

Child Health

Taking medicine at school

The administration of medicines to children is the responsibility of parents/carers.  It is the school’s policy that no medicines or tablets are brought to school and the administering of medicines should be undertaken out of school hours, unless a consent form (obtained from the office) is completed.  Alternatively, parents/carers may arrange to administer the medicines during school times.  In which case, the children may need to go home to lunch or the parent/carer may need to visit the school.  However, in special circumstances the Headteacher will consider a request for medication to be taken at school:

  • When a child is well enough to return to school, but must finish a course of prescribed medicine, such as antibiotics.
  • Where it is not possible for a parents/carer to get into school or for the child to leave in order to have the medicine.
  • Children with chronic conditions who have a health care plan (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy or allergy requiring an Epipen)

Any medicines left at schools must be stored in a labelled box with instructions. Non prescription medicines will not be administered.


St Matthias School keeps a register of asthma sufferers and the type of medication the child takes – please let us know if your child is asthmatic.  We would expect the blue reliever inhaler to be kept in school in a labelled box and taken to all swimming lessons, visits and outings.

First aid

If a child has a minor bump or injury, they will be treated at school by a qualified first aider.  In the event of a head injury, parents/carers are contacted via phone, a slip is sent home with the child and appropriate first aid will be administered.


In the event of a more serious injury, parents/carers will be contacted immediately.  It is important that you keep us informed of any changes of address or telephone number.  If we are unable to contact you, the school will act in loco parentis (‘in the place of a parent’) and will support the child as necessary.

For further information, see our First Aid and Medical Emergencies Policy.

Medical/dental appointments during school hours

Medical and dental appointments must be arranged out of school hours, where possible.  However, if you do require your child to leave school during the school day, you must arrange to collect them from school and sign them in and out.

Children will not be allowed to leave school premises during the school day without a parent/carer.