Key Infomation


School Rules

If we are to be a happy and successful environment, we need to follow agreed rules:

Children are expected to:

  • behave calmly and safely at all times
  • work hard and allow others to do the same
  • treat adults and children  with respect and politeness
  • help make the school a clean and pleasant place to be
  • be honest and truthful
  • do what adults in our school ask you to do

 Rewards and Sanctions:

We want children to behave well because it is the right thing to do and not in order to get a reward. However, children have to learn how to behave well, so they need us to point out to them what they have done that was good behaviour and praise them when they have made good choices. Praising a child verbally for their effort, wise choice or sensible strategy forms the bedrock of how we encourage good behaviour.  The older and more mature children are, the less need there will be for us to praise ordinary, everyday good choices as children will have internalised these for themselves.

As well as verbal praise, we use the classdojo system to reward track positive behaviours , such as working together well with a partner or listening carefully to the teacher.  Parents can log on to the system and see how their child is doing.  Pupils also get rewards such as going to see the headteacher to receive a golden sticker, getting a certificate in assembly or being mentioned in the golden book.

Classdojo  also allows us to log negative behaviours. We have very high expectations of pupil behaviour, so pupils might attract a negative dojo for something fairly minor, such as chatting at the wrong time. Parents should be reassured that negative dojo points are not the sign of things going badly wrong, but indicate a minor lapse of judgement. Most children have a ratio of about 90{02997cd57d56ee5012139c1c2780a81dab474aaf8e3c310cf4051ca8da2fb8a6} positive to 10{02997cd57d56ee5012139c1c2780a81dab474aaf8e3c310cf4051ca8da2fb8a6} negative over the course of a month.  We only get concerned if it falls to below 80{02997cd57d56ee5012139c1c2780a81dab474aaf8e3c310cf4051ca8da2fb8a6} over one month. Imagine that you gave yourself a positive or negative point every time you did something: you wouldn’t be 100{02997cd57d56ee5012139c1c2780a81dab474aaf8e3c310cf4051ca8da2fb8a6} positive either!

For more serious behaviours, children will be sent to a member of the senior management team and may need a further sanction such as a detention to remind them of our expectations.  We will work with parents to help children with persistent behaviour problems learn to overcome these. Our learning mentor  and where need be specialist services from the  Tower Hamlets behaviour  team can work with children who are finding it hard to make good choices to help them reflect on why this might be and motivate themselves to make better choices in future. See the  behaviour policy for more details.