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Written by Tahura
playing games with Molly

When the Caledonian people came my class and I were playing games with Molly.{#emotions_dlg.shy} Molly is very energetic, also kind.Wink We also played games with the students in Glasgow they were very kind.Innocent We played Eastenders game, headquarters, kabish ka kaboom and time bomb.{#emotions_dlg.19} My favourite game was time bomb because we had to do lots of running and jumping{#emotions_dlg.21}, I didn’t really like kabish ka boom it was funny but I didn’t find it fun.{#emotions_dlg.shock} I liked headquarters because it was fun and energetic.Tongue out I liked the Eastenders game because it was funny.{#emotions_dlg.21} We had to say: OI, GET OUT OF MY PUB and HAVING A LAUGH.Yell These are the games that we played when the Caledonians were there, unfortunately they had to go back to Glasgow.Cry   

Tuesday 17th January 2012, 7:17 pm