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Written by Yameen & Charlie
Meeting Princess Anne

On wednesday 2nd November three lucky children which was Charlie, Gemma and Yameen actually got to catch a glimpse of Princess Anne! It wasn't just us there, there was four other children from St Bartholomews in Glagow, our school is twinning with also we are going to meet them in March. Let me tell you more about what happened.

Martin and Debby took us to GCU London university where the event took place. When we was in the lift Gemma got really scared! We had to get into lift to get to floor two. The Scottish children were already there rehersing. We had to wait a long time but that time was put into good use because we were practising all the way through.

Whilst Yameen, Gemma and tree scottish kids went downstairs to have lunch Charlie and a scottish kid named Carlie had to practise capsule exchanging because they were going to do this at the end of the performance. This is when our mums came. We went to this snack bar and there was a bowl of crisps. You'll never guess what we ate the whole bowl and we felt like we wanted more.

When the Princess arrived we all stood up and saw her walk past us. The four scottish kids opened the show with a spectacular performance. After them two student mentors did a speech, there names were Mandy and Jimmy who we like to call JIMMY JOHNNY JENKY JOHNSTON. We were next it was vere nerver wracking however we managed to do a brilliant play of Master Mind. Our parents were amazed of how well we did. Charlie exchanged the capsule and gave them a friendship bear and so did they. Yameen gave Princess Anne flowers also he shook her hand.

Everyone went home ecxept Yameen because he went football club. This was the best day of our lives and we will never forget this day. {#emotions_dlg.21}

Friday 18th November 2011, 1:30 pm