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Written by Sukhpreet
Fun playing games with Molly

LaughingWell I have had fun twinning up with Glasgow it has been a pleasure seeing the Glasgow capsule{#emotions_dlg.15} and not olny that it felt like a we are one big familyCool. I've also enjoyed working with Molly,Stephany,Elana and the  learning mentors.Well I didn't know all of them before because they didn't come in OctoberFrown however they came in November.

My most favourite thing was playing games with Molly, I'm telling you it was even better than hide and seak{#emotions_dlg.17}.My favourite game that I liked playing with Molly was the Eastender's gameCool the aim of the game was to get the most people out and you know what I was either the first  or the second person to get out.

So this is what you had to: we had to get in a big circle and all round the circle we had to pass an "oi"{#emotions_dlg.stress} round and when the person sended a "oi!" to you and you wanted to send back to the person who said "oi!" this is all we had to say...{#emotions_dlg.21} "your having a laugh!"{#emotions_dlg.stress} although if we wanted to send it to the oppisite person you had to say "get out of my pub!"{#emotions_dlg.stress} so we have had alot of fun and will be glad seeing you in March and June. Bye!!!!Cry{#emotions_dlg.15}


Thursday 17th November 2011, 7:34 pm