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Written by Gemma Pearman
Meeting Princess Ann

On the 2nd of November, Yameen,Charlie and I where lucky enough to go and meet Princess Ann. Also we met four children from the school in Scotland that our school will be twinning with for the project. The name of their school is St. Bartheolemues. The children that we met were very friendly and seemed just as excited as we were to be meeting us. We had to wait a while until it all started so Molly decided for us to play a game. We decided to play splat, the Scottish children didnt have a clue what to do for a while. 

After a lot of waiting but rehersing we had lunch, our orange juice was so hard to open that a man that worked on the computers had to open it!Soon after that our parents arrived and we were took into a big room full of cakes and food. Charlie, Yameen and I ate and entire bowl of crisps, all to ourselves! (I'm surprised we didint get sick whilst performing to Princess Ann.) She was a little bit late so we ate lots of chocolate cakes and fairy cakes.

There was a student mentor, his name was Jimmy but we like to call him: Jimmyjonnyjenkyjhonston. Finally we were took back into the room that the presentation was going to take place. Due to all of the food we ate we were wondering if our breath smelt, luckily a man behind us gave us some tick-tacks before Princess Ann walked into the room. We were all standing nervously until she walked in, then all we had the courage to do was smile. Yameen even bowed!

Firstly the Scottish children did their presentation, which was rather funny. Then we did ours my heart was pounding but it didnt seem to bad, the audience (including Princess Ann) laughed at our funny lines. When it ended, Princess Ann asked us many qustions about that project and our school. She was shocked that the girls in our school didn't play netball! 

Thursday 17th November 2011, 3:20 pm